Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby time!

No it is not 'baby time' for us. :-)

Yesterday we visited our friends Panka & Attila. Just a couple of months ago they had Johanna--their first child!

You may remember Panka & Attila from an earlier post where Panka (Steven's co-worker) prepared an amazing fish dinner. Both of Panka & Attila are from the river town Tolna just south of Budapest located near the Danube River.

Their daughter, Johanna, is very cute (of course!) and easy-going...she happily let us hold did her parents. Enjoy the photos!

Johanna taking it easy with Diane.

Nap time!

Johanna considers her next move, "Shall I eat...sleep...or continue looking cute?"

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Peggy said...

Hmmmm, baby looks good on you two. lol