Saturday, September 5, 2009

kissed by the sun and salt in our hair

We are back from Croatia! We had a great time! It was too short. Why do vacations always seem to short?
The photos below was taken at dinner.
There was a horrible storm that hit and it was pouring
down rain when we left. The night was cool but the
days were warm and wonderful!
Our journey started in a town called Moscenicka Draga. A great family friendly seaside town. We rented a room from a very sweet lady. We had an amazing balcony that overlooked huge hills and the sea in the distance. We were only about a 5-10 minute walk from the beach!

Day two our friends Andi and Ed decided to walk 12 km (about 7 miles) to the next town called Volosko. Steven and I decided to drive Ed's car to the town and wait for them. We were more interested in laying by the sea and swimming:) This was by far Steve and my favorite place. The town is a fishing town and the tourists were minimal. We had a fantastic time and definitely will go back to spend more time in this town!

On a side note...I don't think we have ever eaten so much calamari in two days! Our cholesterol must be through the roof!
Days 3-5 we spent in Zagred, the capital and largest city in Croatia. We have been to Zagreb before, in 2003. It has changed very much since then. We had a great time relaxing, shopping, visiting museums and cemeteries.

The only downer during the whole trip was a cold that hit me once we arrived in Zagreb. I spent a day in bed sleeping, Fortunately, the next day was feeling a lot better.

Zagreb Highlights:
  • We are huge fans of the The Croatian Museum of Naive Art. The museum is small and full of artwork from self taught artists.
  • Mirogoj Cemetery A beautiful cemetery just outside the city. We had a peaceful walk and lite a candel for Mom.
A place to light a candle and remember loved ones
(we lite a candle for mom)You can also check out my my blog where i talk a bit more about the details of what we saw...

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Peggy said...

You both look great. Happy you had a good holiday!