Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend of Celebrations!

This weekend was full of celebrations.

Saturday was Diane's 'name day.' Name days are a tradition celebrated in many countries in Europe and Latin America. Everybody has at least one day where friends and family can celebrate one's given name.

Names are an interesting thing in Hungary, you can only name your children using government approved names. So if you want to name your little girl Amanda, you are out of luck. You can request from the government that the name be allowed. New names are occasionally allowed such as Jennifer which becomes Dzsenifer.

On Sunday, we also celebrated the "first time we met" anniversary. 19 years ago today, Steven and his best friend, Jim, entered a bar/dance club in Cincinnati where Diane and her best friend, Mindy, were hanging-out. By the end of the night Diane and Steven fell in love...or at least that is how the story is embellished these days. The rest is history!


Diane Kappa said...

Actually if I remember correctly you had the hots for Mindy....:)

Peggy said...

Congrats to you both!!

Michael said...

What a sweet story, I am al vklempt.