Saturday, August 22, 2009


Thursday night we headed to a hotel where some friends were having a party. They had a great view of the river and all the festivities! We also had an event to attend at the hotel next door. So we spent the evening walking from hotel to hotel. Nice actually. In between all the parties, we escaped for a little break and headed to one of my favorite cafes for a cup of coffee.

The fireworks were great especially with the backdrop of the castle. However, nothing beats the WEBN fireworks in Cincinnati! I got a little homesick. I wish I could be home for labor day weekend to attend Riverfest.

Our view of the fireworks. They shoot
the fireworks off 2 different bridges.

I like this photo. You can see the reflection
of the hotel in the window. Kind of a cool effect.

I set my camera on night mode so
the shutter stayed open longer.Finale
Our short escape to the cafe


grandma J. said...

Your long weekend sounds so...... exciting. Enjoy!
Love G & G

Steven Greimann and Diane Kappa said...


It was like Las Vegas came to town!

Thanks for the comment.

Diane & Steven