Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hungary for Mexican

Over the past few months we have received many packets of taco season and taco shells! (I think it is the "we miss Mexican food" that has been on the "what we miss" list that has encouraged people to send taco mix.) Tonight we thank Kate for the season and Bonnie and Richard for the shells! We have one more packet of taco shells and 8 more packets of taco seasons. When the taco season runs low-we will let you know. The shells come a little crushed but still tasty. We are able to find tortilla wraps which is just as good!

Thanks to Kate and Bonnie and Richard!

Diane's taco-notice tomatoes
Steve's Taco-notice no tomatoes:)

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Renazzle said...

Mexican food is the best. I have yet to find a decent Mexican place in Ohio. :/