Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Whitewater Rafting at White Salmon near Hood River

We went whitewater rafting this past weekend with our friend Kate. It was an absolute blast! We have no photos from the actual rafting as it is advised to leave valuables in the car...not in the water. We did get some great photos of the area and of the wine tour we did the following day. It was a great weekend of relaxing and screaming:) Enjoy the photos...

A sign we saw during a bathroom break. We couldn't resist taking a photo.

This was taken from the car. Notice how close the water is and notice the wind surfers!
A cold drink after a day of rafting at the Walking Man Brewery.

Did we really go down a 14 foot waterfall a few hours ago?!

Steven and Diane at a winery near Hood River

Gorge White House had a wonderful Dahlia farm....
I am trying to figure out how to rotate this.....sorry

This was taken in the cabin we rented. The cabin was called the "Rooster Cabin". We thought Kates mom would love this photo!!!

We saw this on the drive home and couldn't resist!!

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